Huh?: Dead “Scrotum Frogs” in Lake Titicaca

The Scrotum Frogs in Lake Titicaca are dying!!!

This was one of those headlines that made our editors do a double, and then a triple take. Yes, scrotum frogs are real, and yes, they are found in Lake Titicaca, and yes that is a real place…

Anybody who has seen more than a few episodes of “Ancient Aliens” has heard of this high altitude lake in Peru surrounded by ancient ruins.

The Titicaca Water Frog, which is so named for deep folds along its body to enhance oxygen absorption. Its Latin name telmatobius culeus, literally translates to ‘aquatic scrotum’.

It isn’t hard to imagine why…

Swimming scrotum frog illustrating his name sake...

10,000 dead scrotum frogs found near Lake Titicaca… wait? What?

And currently researchers are trying to find a way to stop the deaths of these frogs by the thousands. So far more than 10,000 dead scrotum frogs have been found around the lake.

Why the frogs are dying off isn’t exactly a mystery, threats to their natural habitats are many. From overuse of water to pollution, humans have caused severe damage to the delicate scrotum frogs environments.

While it is difficult to discuss this story without a few giggles, after your inner fifth grader has had their giggles take some time to remind him/her/or otherwise that this is another symptom of a very serious problem.

Frogs really are sensitive creatures, and they often suffer the effects of pollution before other creatures and long before humans are affected.

What happens to the frogs is slowly happening to the people…

So, do your part! Save the scrotum frogs, and all of the other little greenies!

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