Update!! Update!! Update!!

FINALLY! The update we’ve all been waiting for. As of today my small business grant has been approved!!!

I never feel more alive than when I have a mission, and after a year and a half of wait, wait, wait some more… we have a mission go.

So, what does this mean?

As you may know, this business plan started with a small festival based business selling water marbled goods, but this is the same grant I used to launch the book and do the movie tour. So going for the same grant again meant upping my game. I wanted to do another tiny business like I’ve done in the past but this time, it had to be really good, and more than just getting by profitable.

According to the financial forecasts, this is more than just getting by profitable. This is like 5X getting by profitable. It’s simple, it works around my disabilities and Tom’s conditions. It also means getting paid to go to some of the biggest festivals in the State, and a lot of good music.

So, now what?

Now the real fun begins. This isn’t my first business start-up, so I know from experience that for the next few months are GO mode. We have a website to build, a full factory to set-up, festival season is upon us, and we need STOCK!

It’s a good thing too, because Tom and I have been going crazy playing the waiting game. Trying to move forward with every little thing we can, but having to wait on this one big thing to be certain of anything. Neither of us is good at waiting, and neither of us is good at doing nothing!!!

Looks like Glow Dreamz FX is a go!!!!

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