Self Isolation 101: Introduction to the Quarantine Zone


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While the entire world is adjusting to life in the Quarantine Zone, I suddenly feel sort of… normal. This doesn’t happen often. The last time I felt even semi-normal was somewhere around September 11 when half of the country suddenly knew what it was like to have ptsd. 

It’s not the crisis part that makes me feel normal, it’s just understanding and being understood even for just a little while. I am a social recluse living with chronic illness and complex ptsd who has been bedridden at least part time for the last 20 years or so. 

Social distancing. Is. My. Jam. 

After surviving a few years on and off homeless, I’m pretty good at getting by with next to nothing too. Give me an almost empty cupboard and I can usually find a meal in it somewhere, and it usually tastes pretty good too. I call it the Food Bank Diet. It ain’t pretty. It ain’t gourmet. But it ain’t bad, and it will keep your belly full. 

So, for the next few weeks, or at least as the whole isolation thing goes on, have no fear. The queen of self-isolation is here with the down low on laying low. 

Your first lesson is: BREATHE

If you hit a point in life where you feel you can’t go on even one second further. Stop what you are doing, isolate yourself from the situation any way you can and just breathe. That is your one and only job in that moment. Breathe in. Breathe out. Keep doing that.

That’s always the first lesson to surviving anything by the way. 

Just keep breathing.

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