Self Isolation 101: Boredom is Doom


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Despite being stuck in the house for a good portion of my adult life, I am rarely bored. I just realized a long time ago that boredom equals doom.

Boredom is a gateway to all sorts of ill fated decisions. Things you shouldn’t have said. Things you shouldn’t have done. Food you shouldn’t have eaten. Information you shouldn’t have gone looking for.

And if you suffer from depression – boredom can bring you down faster than just about anything else.

Before you can avoid boredom, you have to be able to recognize it. If you think it is that mind numbing feeling that makes you want to pull out your hair or bang your head against the wall – dial it back a few notches.

Boredom tends to make us want to do SOMETHING. It doesn’t even matter what, just SOMETHING. Something silly, something bold, something crazy, something wild, something. Just something.

If you can recognize that feeling of boredom before it becomes destructive you can flip it. If you are mindful of the uncomfortable feeling that starts to build you can rewire it into something more constructive.

Boredom is that feeling you had just before you opened the fridge and started grazing, or just before you dialed the phone to share that hot new rumor, or before you shaved half your head with dog clippers. Boredom is the feeling that you had before you made some of the worst decisions you’ve ever made.

It can also be the feeling that you had before you make the best decisions of your life. Yes, it is totally possible to use the powers of boredom for good instead of evil.

Yes, it is totally possible to use the powers of boredom for good instead of evil.

Before you turn to whatever your boredom SOMETHING is, ask yourself if it is de-structive or con-structive.

Destructive actions tear things down. Eating a whole bag of candy in one sitting tears down health. Gossip tears down relationships. It took a long time to grow your hair, and it takes a long time to grow it back out – so it won’t ruin your life, but you may come to regret it it you don’t think it through fully first.

Constructive boredom creates good things. It gets gardens planted, and helps us learn new languages, and encourages us to adopt a shelter pet, or pushes us to start that new business.

What you do the next few weeks will set the path for future you. The seeds you plant today will be the fruit you enjoy later this summer, next year, and beyond. Do you want better relationships? Reach out to the people who are important to you.

Do you dream of owning your own business? I know that things kinda suck right now as far as financial futures appear, but there is no better time to PLAN your future. Planning costs nothing and dreams can really make the days fly by.

If you need help with ideas to keep you, your friends or your family busy for the next few weeks The Daring Book for Girls and The Dangerous Book for Boys are basically boredom fighting encyclopedias for kids – but there are plenty of things in these books and their sequels to keep adults busy as well.

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