Random Life Update: Tiny Fairy Houses, Etsy Shops, and Angry teeth


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The past few months have been a whirlwind, managing multiple businesses used to be much easier. Financially we are in a delicate position, where unexpected business and personal expenses sapped all of our reserves and we haven’t had time or energy to make it up yet. This is always a possibility when three disabled people run a business.

Faced with a need for some cash flow I listed a few of my tiny fairy house necklaces on Etsy, and took some of them into the local trading post. So fingers crossed for a few sales from there.

I also started an Etsy shop for Dream Wandz, because… why not? It isn’t stocked yet, so I still have that on my plate in the coming weeks. Website updates. Getting business insurance, and lining up some Dream Wandz demonstrations and shows for the coming month.

And in my free time, making more tiny fairy houses to sell and still squeezing in some time to write!


It hurts to sit up more than a few hours at a time, so I’m a bit limited on time. My teeth also decided to stage a full scale rebellion on me. I got an infection in the back teeth, and couldn’t get into the dentist for a few days so I was trying to favor the right side and I broke the rear tooth on the left! Ack! So my mouth is very, very angry.

That and it’s winter, so cue the Fibromyalgia pain. So angry ribs too! Went to the neurologist this week. Still waiting to hear if I have to have surgery on my left arm/hand, but it is looking very likely. The muscle weakness in my hand and elbow is getting worse. So, yes angry arm too!

I kind of have to get these things fixed. Especially if I want to keep moving forward with Dream Wandz and juggling. Hard to teach kids to use flower sticks one handed, but I am managing for now.

It looks like we have a few school demonstrations coming up this month. Just before winter break really is the perfect time to bring us in. We are an excellent distraction for kids who are already distracted!

We do what we must, right? So yeah, lots of doctors appointments and car repairs and business expenses at the moment, with not so much income flowing back in before the winter retail dead zone hits.

Still, things are better than they have been in a very long time. So much to look forward to next year, and the year after that! I’ll be glad when the Mountain Village farmers market picks up again. They keep us plenty busy. Next year we’ll have a full season and a bit more stock too!

But mid June is a long, long way off right now.

Moving on…

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