My evening with Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow


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     Last night my cousin took my son and I to see Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in Durango. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes were there to watch the movie with us, and answer questions after. It is a bit strange to watch a movie when you know the director is watching you watch his movie. Especially when that director has been as huge an influence on your life as Kevin Smith has been in mine.

     He keeps me writing. He keeps me dreaming. And somehow even more important than that, he keeps me laughing.

     If you are looking for a review of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot… It is fully worthy of the Askewniverse. If you are a fan, you can’t live without this piece of the puzzle. In fact, you will wonder how you lived this long without it.

     Almost 20 years now. Holy shit! It can’t be?!?

     But yes! Baby Harley, the one who played little Silent Bob in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a legal adult now. Kevin Smith is half the man he once was, and twice as healthy. Mewes is daddy Mewes now, but he’s still Mewes. We are all older. We are all wiser. We all cry more. There were tears… oh so many more tears…

     Yes. Kevin Smith watched us cry.

     Not awkward at all.

     It’s amazing how many people love Kevin Smith. I mean, really and truly love him. He touches people.

     At the Q&A, people thanked him for building friendships and bringing families together. People who were just babies when the first movies came out told Kevin Smith that he was their hero.

     And more than one person told Kevin Smith that they had thoughts of dying, and he had somehow touched them, and kept them around. And Kevin Smith hugged them. The ones who got up there in front of everybody and bared their souls and he bared his too.

     And it was kind of beautiful.

     Smith and Mewes relationship is still adorable. He still thanks a foul mouthed teen Mewes for the crazy ride. He still credits everyone else with his success. He still seems kind of shocked people still come to see him play with his friends.

     Inspiration comes from so many sources.

     You don’t have to be a Kevin Smith fan or anything to appreciate what he had to say to us that night. It applies to every artist, no matter what their medium. Your voice is yours and yours alone, use it. We need it.

     If you have a story to tell, tell it. If you have a picture to paint, paint it. If you have a song to sing, sing it. If you have a movie to make, make it.


          Thank for everything. All of it. Every minute.

               *Except Tusk, fuck Tusk.

     And thank you @TheUmno and @Awkward_Effect for the most magical night!!!!

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