Article Marketing Versus Direct Email Conversion Rates


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I don’t like email marketing. It’s not hard or anything, and it doesn’t run through my account, but it is part of my job.

I always feel invaded when I get email I didn’t request from some company. I don’t even read them if I don’t know the name… I delete it. Almost 500 emails in, I still see a lot of work going into emails that most people will delete without reading.

With article marketing I am putting information out there for other people to find on their own, but it is always their decision. If they like the information, they will investigate further. If not, they leave. It is far more comfortable for me, and nobody feels pressured. That makes me feel a lot better about what I do.

Email marketing reportedly has a conversion rate of 2-3%, while article marketing rates are estimated to be between 3% and 9% conversion. Maybe my loyalty just lies in the fact that I am a writer, and using writing to promote writing just makes sense. I like to write, and the people who found me were already looking for the information I had.

I suppose everyone has their personal preferences… but the emails seem to be taking me farther away from my real work. Writing and marketing writing.

I don’t know.

Do you have a method that you prefer?

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