A Mystery Birthday Message


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Dearest Love

You are never far from my heart, but as your birthday has approached thoughts of you fill my mind. You’ve grown into every bit the woman I had ever hoped that you would be and then some.

I’ve known that you would do great things since even before you were born when I had that vision of your future.

I saw a strong, intelligent, beautiful young woman standing in front of a huge crowd of people. You were reaching deep into the souls of those people, and changing their lives.

That vision was the same one that gave you your name.

A hidden awakening.

It was more than a name, it was a destiny.

You were destined for greatness. And you shall accomplish anything you set your mind to. I’ve never doubted that for a second. You’ve never given me any reason to doubt.

You’ve always done exactly what you said you were going to do, and you’ve always done it longer, faster, and better than anyone thought you could.

You are the very definition of moxie. You’ve always been a force to be reckoned with, with the power to bend reality to your will.

Never forget that. Ever.

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for you my love, I just know that it will be amazing.

Even if I’m not always physically able to be there with you I am always, always there in spirit.

Loving you. Believing in you. Grateful for you.

And even if I never do anything else good or right for the rest of my life, I somehow made wonderful, perfect, amazing you. And that’s pretty f’n awesome.

I can’t take credit for who you are, because that is all you baby. All you. And you deserve the very best on this, and every other day. I’m just honored to have been here to witness it. I’m just glad to have been even a small part of the miracle that is you.

Because you are f’n awesome.

And it’s your f’n birthday.

Celebrate it well.

Happy birthday baby.

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