Public Speaking Fees and Topics

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Speaking Fee is $50 + space for a merchandising table

(Lodging and travel expenses are required if overnight travel is necessary. 
Open to special arrangements for lodging. 
Spare bedrooms, clean floor space, and camping 
will be considered.) 

I have had the pleasure of speaking in front of many groups in the past few years, from small intimate gatherings of abuse to survivors to over 400 people at a sold out showing of Uranium Drive-In. I would love to come speak to your class, school, organization, or group about the following topics:

The Survivor Spirit: What is it that survivors have that victims lack? Very little when you really look at it. Everybody can build the skills it takes to lead an empowered life, and the tools are surprisingly simple to master. Come with me as we explore the journey from Victim, to Survivor, to Thriver. 

My Survivor Story: I was four years old the first time that “something bad” happened to me, but it didn’t stop there. By the age of 12, seven different abusers had left their mark on my life. As a fourth generation abuse survivor, abuse quite easily became my normal. I had to learn to redefine normal for myself, and so does every abuse survivor. Here is how. 

School Bullying & Violence: We already know that there is a violence problem in our schools, but what we really need to know is what we can do about it? Bullycide, school shootings, Parents, teachers and even students have far more power to stop the violence in their schools than they think. Let’s look at some of the studies on the causes of youth violence as well as some of the innovative ways that schools are addressing it.  

From Blank Page to Published Work: Almost everybody dreams of writing a book, but it has never been easier than it is today – thanks to the electronic publishing revolution. How do you take your book from the planning stages to finished product and beyond? It all begins with a blank page…

If you don’t see a topic listed, don’t hesitate to ask.