Earth Pixie Cottage Miniature Charm / Pendant / Necklace


From the forests of Nagarunik this was once the home of the earth pixie Lincua keeper of the great oak. The great oak was splintered by Galeffagump Sr. during the hickory cow incident, and Lincua was set free. She now resides on the beaches of Fangloriana in a seashell.

Her former home is now on the market, and it is packed with features for the most particular of pixies. The kitchen and parlor are downstairs, a single well lit bedroom s upstairs, while a full studio and washroom take up the entire mushroom cap!

This minutely detailed pixie house measures less than 1″, (small by even pixie standards) and is made entirely of clay. Miniature Charm/Pendant/Necklace

Another twisted product from the mind of Boshemia…

1 in stock (can be backordered)