The 2016 election in short…

The 2016 election in short…

With the 2016 elections just a few days away, this has certainly been an election to remember. We’ve cleaned out Facebook friends lists. Some of us have needed counseling. We’ve stopped talking More »

Huh?: Dead “Scrotum Frogs” in Lake Titicaca

Huh?: Dead “Scrotum Frogs” in Lake Titicaca

This was one of those headlines that made our editors do a double, and then a triple take. Yes, scrotum frogs are real, and yes, they are found in Lake Titicaca, and More »

Antlers stolen by Hunter S. Thompson returned to Hemingway family…

Antlers stolen by Hunter S. Thompson returned to Hemingway family…

You’ve heard of the pick of destiny? Well, meet the antlers of infamy. A set of antlers that Hunter S. Thompson’s stole from the Hemingway home are now on their way back to More »

The Great Divorce 2016: Trump Vs. Clinton Vs. America

The Great Divorce 2016: Trump Vs. Clinton Vs. America

While there are plenty of strange news stories today they are all either politics, death, or both. Elections years are always rough, but this is a shit show to beat all others. More »

Dogs new favorite toy makes owners blush…

Dogs new favorite toy makes owners blush…

When I see the look of joy on his face I can’t bear to tell him. Can you? When you are a dog owner it isn’t unusual for your beloved pet to More »


Man’s “A good cop – is a dead cop” yard signs are run over, so he calls the cops…

An Ohio man recently placed signs on his property saying things like, “Dump Trump,” “A good cop – is a dead cop” and “Make American great again – support your local cop killer”

Meet Mike the Chicken who Lost His Head but Kept Going…

Having had a few nervous breakdowns ourselves, we can totally relate to the feeling of losing one’s head. Yet, common sense dictates that one can not live without an actual head… Meet

This is someone else’s brain on drugs, er brain, er…

Stoner rule number #4134 When getting high, use of your own brain is permitted, use of someone else’s is not. Police in Pennsylvania have accused a man of using a human brain

deBUNKed: Shaving (or Waxing) Makes Hair Grow in Thicker and Darker

Everybody knows that shaving (or waxing) makes your hair come in thicker and darker! Everybody is wrong, but nobody ever lets that get in the way when repeating this tired old myth.

Marble so rare the Colorado capitol building used all of it… (almost)

The Colorado Capitol building in Denver is impressive even from a distance. Constructed of Colorado White Granite, and White Yule Marble from the quarries near Marble, Colorado, one of the most striking features of the

Want to save the planet? Pee in the shower!

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down…” or you can just pee in your shower and save 4000 gallons of water a year. Want a quick and

Twitter user doesn’t feel bad about 2 yr old killed by gator because of “white men’s entitlement.”

Twitter user @femme_esq started a fire storm after tweeting that she did not feel sorry for a 2 year old boy being eaten by an alligator earlier this week because she was

Citigroup sues ATT over copyright infringement for saying “Thanks…”

Corporate takeover on manners: ATT says “thanks” to its customers, Citigroup sues for copyright infringement, says they now own “Thankyou.” While they are at it, they (probably) plan to copyright the additional

Man tries to abduct daughter, Man meets Momma Bear!

We sure do talk about bears a lot, don’t we? Okay, there are no actual bears in the story, but if you ever want to experience true pain just try to step

Human albinos hunted like animals in Africa

Being persecuted for your skin color is nothing new, but being an albino in Malawi is downright deadly. In some parts of Africa, albinos are being hunted to extinction so their bones