Man lassoes bear with jug on its head because… Colorado

Bear with head trapped in jug lassoed by Colorado man...
Bear with head trapped in jug lassoed by Colorado man…

Ahh life in Colorado, where man and nature are constantly trying to find a way to coexist. In an ideal world, the animals stay in their habitats and humans stay in theirs, but as people begin to expand their territory their homes have become ours.
And our problems have become theirs…
This is Jug Head the bear, the poor little guy who just wanted some cheese puffs… but became the bear in the bubble instead.
Residents of Glenwood Springs, Colorado saw him wandering around with this plastic jug on his head for at least a week. Apparently several residents had become worried and called authorities trying to find help for the young bear, but by the time help arrive he was nowhere to be found.
One resident, Jim Hawkins, knew the bear wouldn’t survive much longer so the former firefighter cowboyed up and saved the day. After lassoing the unlucky bear, Hawkins had to wrestle with the bear for a bit before tying him to a tree to wait for wildlife services.
Hawkins received minor injuries, and the bear was freed from his bubble and released. Both are expected to make full recoveries.

Jim Hawkins, owner of Four Mile Creek and the bear in a bubble…
Dude. Wrestled. A. Bear.
Hawkins also happens to be a folk singer who sings about the dangers of Donald Trump and owns Four Mile Creek Bed and Breakfast near Glenwood Springs. So, you can camp out with the guy, how cool is that?
He says the bear probably got into trouble because someone forgot to secure their recycling bin. So, please remember animals like garbage, and humans make a lot of it. It’s like a free all you can eat buffet, and who doesn’t like a buffet?
Please don’t tempt the bears, it doesn’t always end this happily.


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