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The 2016 election in short…

With the 2016 elections just a few days away, this has certainly been an election to remember. We’ve cleaned out Facebook friends lists. Some of us have needed counseling. We’ve stopped talking

Huh?: Dead “Scrotum Frogs” in Lake Titicaca

This was one of those headlines that made our editors do a double, and then a triple take. Yes, scrotum frogs are real, and yes, they are found in Lake Titicaca, and

Dogs new favorite toy makes owners blush…

When I see the look of joy on his face I can’t bear to tell him. Can you? When you are a dog owner it isn’t unusual for your beloved pet to

Man’s “A good cop – is a dead cop” yard signs are run over, so he calls the cops…

An Ohio man recently placed signs on his property saying things like, “Dump Trump,” “A good cop – is a dead cop” and “Make American great again – support your local cop killer”

Want to save the planet? Pee in the shower!

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down…” or you can just pee in your shower and save 4000 gallons of water a year. Want a quick and

Twitter user doesn’t feel bad about 2 yr old killed by gator because of “white men’s entitlement.”

Twitter user @femme_esq started a fire storm after tweeting that she did not feel sorry for a 2 year old boy being eaten by an alligator earlier this week because she was

Citigroup sues ATT over copyright infringement for saying “Thanks…”

Corporate takeover on manners: ATT says “thanks” to its customers, Citigroup sues for copyright infringement, says they now own “Thankyou.” While they are at it, they (probably) plan to copyright the additional

Human albinos hunted like animals in Africa

Being persecuted for your skin color is nothing new, but being an albino in Malawi is downright deadly. In some parts of Africa, albinos are being hunted to extinction so their bones

WTF? Medical School Was Going to Teach Spoon Bending Class

The University of Alberta in Canada Medical School recently canceled a class after a law professor at the same university tweeted a copy of a poster for the class that read “This experiential

WTF? Martin Duram’s parents say video of bird saying ‘don’t f—ing shoot’ proves wife is killer

A Michigan bird may be the only witness to a murder-suicide. In May of 2015, Martin Durham and his wife were shot in their Sand Lake home, his wife survived but Martin did