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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem… Isn’t it Illegal to go Barefoot in Public?

Everybody knows that it’s illegal to go into a public place barefoot. The thing is, it isn’t. There are no laws at the federal level requiring customers to wear shoes, and there

No Shit? Hipster Kids are Snorting Chocolate to Catch a Buzz? WTF?

“Hey, man, you got a snort of chocolate? Come on man, I know you’re holding.” In case you haven’t noticed today’s generation must take everything to extremes, and this trend really takes

No shit? Carnivorous herbivores… Deer caught eating baby birds. WTF?

Imagine for a moment that you are taking a walk in the forest and you come upon a clearing. There is a small stream, and before you stands a deer, drinking quietly.