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This is someone else’s brain on drugs, er brain, er…

Stoner rule number #4134 When getting high, use of your own brain is permitted, use of someone else’s is not. Police in Pennsylvania have accused a man of using a human brain

DUI – Man’s Drunken Playdate With Bear Didn’t End Well

Now kids, how many times do I have to tell you not to get drunk and play with the bears? It really should only take one you would think… but then again when

DUI – Texas man mistakes dog bite for gunshot wound during thunderstorm…

Okay, let’s be honest. Who hasn’t gotten so stoned that they couldn’t tell the difference between a dog bite and a gunshot wound? For today’s Dumb Under the Influence we meet this guy…

Huh? Bud Weisser Trespasses at Budweiser Brewery

For today’s Headline Huh? We meet a guy who has lived every day of his underage life knowing that there really is a beer out there with his name written all over it. Apparently he

Huh? Drunk Duck in Bow-Tie Loses Pub Brawl

We don’t know for certain that this is the greatest Headline Huh? in HH history, it is still way to early in the game this being our very first. But this is