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Antlers stolen by Hunter S. Thompson returned to Hemingway family…

You’ve heard of the pick of destiny? Well, meet the antlers of infamy. A set of antlers that Hunter S. Thompson’s stole from the Hemingway home are now on their way back to

Man ropes and wrestles a bear to save it from plastic jug because… Colorado…

Ahh life in Colorado, where man and nature are constantly trying to find a way to coexist. In an ideal world, the animals stay in their habitats and humans stay in theirs,

Happy Birthday Colorado! You sexy beast you!!!

On August 1, 1876 Colorado officially became a state. Yep, that’s right, the old girl is turning 140 today, and she’s just as sexy as ever. Let’s look at a few of her

Guffey, Colorado where politics have really gone to the dogs, but mostly cats!

Election 2016 Update: 41% of Voters Say We Are Screwed! Nearly four-in-ten voters (41%) say it is difficult to choose between Clinton and Trump because they don’t think that either would be a good

Meet Mike the Chicken who Lost His Head but Kept Going…

Having had a few nervous breakdowns ourselves, we can totally relate to the feeling of losing one’s head. Yet, common sense dictates that one can not live without an actual head… Meet

Marble so rare the Colorado capitol building used all of it… (almost)

The Colorado Capitol building in Denver is impressive even from a distance. Constructed of Colorado White Granite, and White Yule Marble from the quarries near Marble, Colorado, one of the most striking features of the

A Colorado man challenges his underage daughter to a duel, Two shots fired.

A Colorado man was arrested for domestic violence after challenging his underage daughter to a duel. After pointing a gun at his wife and daughter Robert Williams then instructed the minor child to