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Man tries to abduct daughter, Man meets Momma Bear!

We sure do talk about bears a lot, don’t we? Okay, there are no actual bears in the story, but if you ever want to experience true pain just try to step

When robbing a McDonald’s make sure the customers aren’t an elite counter-terrorism unit

When two men robbed a McDonald’s in France, they got far more than they bargained for when 11 of the customers turned out to be members of an elite French counter-terrorism unit. The robbers entered

Bully Back – Dad sells kid’s SUV because son “thinks it’s cool to drive around smokin dope and acting all thug.”

When the bullied strike back. A Florida teen lost his job when he didn’t show up for work two days in a row. So his father sold his SUV on Craigslist, offering a $250

Bully Back – Kid Fights Off Armed Robber With Stuffed Animal at GameStop

In the face of an armed robbery most kids would pee themselves. Hell, some adults do. (We aren’t here to judge. In fact we feel that peeing onesself is a perfectly respectable