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Half Life of the American Dream

You might also recognize Ayngel as that girl from that uranium movie!  Uranium Drive-In (2013) is about an isolated community who has struggled with the boom bust cycles of the uranium mining industry. More than that, this movie is about people passionate about saving their community and their battle to save a dying way of life.

Uranium Drive-In (REEL THING productions 2013/ Suzan Beraza) was supposed to be a short film about uranium mining. After the first interview, Suzan and the crew called back and said that people loved the film so much that it was becoming a full length documentary film!!!

So began the adventure of a lifetime. For 3 years off and on, the crew did interviews with the community. Those who were waiting for the mines to reopen. Those who were opposed to the mines. Boshemia, her friends and her family were interviewed at length about their struggles to save a community that they called home.

Most of the footage never made it into the film, but we had a great time talking about why so many people are willing to fight to stay in the isolated and struggling Paradox Valley.

Short story: We really do love it here! This is our home!

Ayngel Boshemia Overson in the movie Uranium Drive-In

After the movie was finished, I got to go to more than a dozen of the Colorado film festival showings to watch it with packed house after packed house. To see my own life through the eyes of thousands of strangers.


It was surreal.

I can’t imagine a more magical experience than the time I spent with Suzan and the crew. They were some of the kindest and most compassionate people I have ever met. People who came to my community to make what was supposed to be a short film about the ills of uranium, ended up seeing us as more than just an environmental cause. Instead of making a statement against uranium, they introduced our community to the world – and helped us tell them why we were desperate to save it.

Uranium Drive-In is available for streaming on Amazon now!!!

Uranium Drive-In (2013)

Uranium Drive-In is a haunting story of a hardscrabble community striving for one last chance at survival. The film follows a proposed uranium mill in southwestern Colorado-the first to be built in the U.S. in 30 years-and the emotional debate pitting a population desperate for jobs and financial stability against opposition from an environmental group based in a nearby resort town. The lives of the community members and the role of intervening “outsiders” parallel resource extraction stories from across the globe, where individuals and communities struggle to survive.


Thank you Reel Thing Fam, my eternal love and gratitude is yours!!!


SUZAN BERAZA >Born in Jamaica and raised in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Suzan Beraza’s thought-provoking films challenge viewers to examine their lives and consider the impact of their choices. Founder of Reel Thing, Suzan wears many hats from producer to editor to director.


JUDITH KOHIN > Judith was the executive director of the Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride, Colorado from1991- 2006, an organization she grew from a two person staff to one of southwest Colorado’s most successful arts organizations. Judith is an author, cartoonist, visual artist and musician. She was the Executive Producer for the award-winning documentary, Bag It, and is producer on Uranium Drive-In.


MICHELLE HILL > Michelle was producer for the film Bag It. Michelle works on all non-technical aspects of film production, from editing this website to planning film shoots to negotiating distribution contracts. She believes in the incredible power of film to serve as a catalyst for social and environmental change.


CASEY NAY > Born and Raised in southwestern Colorado. He is just as comfortable on the farm as he is in the editing chair. He was a key player in the making of Bag It. Producer/editor for our next project Uranium Drive-In, this project is close to his heart, as the story takes place in his home town and surrounding communities.


JIM HURST > Jim is an accomplished photographer, adventurer, climber and filmmaker who has worked on many documentary films. He is currently working with photographer Chris Jordan on a film project about the plight of the Albatross on Midway Atoll. He specializes in self-sufficient location documentary shooting in places where a large crew would be impractical or obtrusive.


LEIGH REAGAN > Leigh Reagan, DP of the award winning film, Bag It, has worked in film production for the past 20 years. She has shot and edited documentary films and television programs for PBS, Outdoor Life Network (OLN),  VOOM Network, Fox Network, the Showtime Network, Rush HD, National Geographic and NBC.  Leigh’s own production company is Turtle Island Media.


SUSANNA REMEC > Susanna Remec is an award-winning short filmmaker and editor. She has produced, directed, edited and created motion graphics for a weekly television show, Telluride Time. She is currently working on a collection of animated short films with an environmental message in an interactive format. Her heart is in documentary and favorite word is “Done”.


DAVID BYARS > David joined Reelthing in 2009. Since then, he has worked on Uranium Drive-In as an editor, cameraman, and sound technician. He has also worked on numerous freelance jobs in Colorado, Alaska and New York City. In addition to his freelance work and work with Reel Thing, David is currently writing and directing a short film set in Louisiana.

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