Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit

Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit

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A personal conversation from one Survivor to another.

In “Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit” Ayngel and her writing alter ego Boshemia share their personal victories and defeats on the journey from Victim to Survivor to Thriver….

A self help memoir with hope and humor and an inspirational tribute to the Survivor Spirit in all of us. Post Traumatic Growth that has changed the lives of millions whether they realized it or not. This is the essence of the Survivor Spirit.

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW!!!! (Softcover or Ebook)

Amazon Reviews:

“Couldn’t put this book down once I read the first couple of pages. Writer is excellent with the written word of her thoughts. She tells a story that has a beginning and an end, and a future. It hit home with me in more ways than one, due to my own dysfunctional family and my first marriage. It is now on the shelf of my personal library. Thank you!” ~Karen

“Awesome positive energy energy. My challenge to become a survivor was reached! I finally feel whole again. I love more and not as riddled with the past trauma! This will help you too.” ~Tammy

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