Ayngel Boshemia

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Ayngel Boshemia is an artist and storyteller from the high desert hills of the American Southwest. Her young childhood was spent running barefoot and wild on the family dairy, an experience that left her a bit feral to this day.

Still very much a child at heart, Ayngel is currently the owner/operator of Dream Wandz Flower Stick and Flow Toys Store with her partner Tom and her son Justin. She also creates fantasy themed miniatures for friends and family, and some special pieces for sale.

Ayngel Boshemia
Ayngel Boshemia – Meet Ayngel Boshemia

Ayngel continues to write in her free time, though health problems have complicated matters.

Author of Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit, Ms. Boshemia is a childhood sexual abuse survivor, and Colorado certified domestic violence and sexual assault victim’s advocate.

Ayngel is living with chronic illness in the form of complex ptsd, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue as a result of the abuse she once experienced, but she’s a Survivor and a stubborn bitch who never stays down for long.

Ayngel is the proud mother of 3 amazing grown children, and all around wonderful human beings. She now has a houseful of fur babies to fill her empty nest.  

In Memory of Da Roo. For a little dog you sure left a big hole.
In Memory of Da Roo. For a little dog you sure left a big hole behind.