The Business Plan From Hell…

I turned in the first draft of my start-up plan on April 15, I had to pull some strings to get the ball rolling because my caseworker was out. They made arrangements for a consultant to help me polish the plan, and you’d think by now it would be sparkling… but I’m pretty sure it’s just fizzling…

As the summer has passed I have watched one event after another roll by, helplessly watching one festival deadline after another pass with no way to participate in said festival. My urgency just isn’t getting through.

This is supposed to be a program for disabled people, so why is it so damned complicated?

I have essentially sent the same forms in 3 or 4 times now, renoting each time, adding colors, and labels, and notes, and even leaving notes on the notes for the notes. I am not sure that I am any closer to helping them understand my vision or not.

I am however one step closer to admitting defeat… only… there isn’t a plan b, or c, or d, or any other letter on the horizon.


So… we wait…

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