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Boshemia’s Survivor Story

  I was 4 years old the night they found me in the kitchen sink. I had wet the bed again, and had taken it upon myself to bathe alone in the middle of the night. Everyone said it was … Continue reading

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Mindful Ghosts… 

I’m not sure if I still remember why I came here. It hasn’t been the greatest experience. But then again  the most important lessons are rarely pleasant. I certainly do hope that someday I finally get these lessons down, so … Continue reading

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Man lassoes bear with jug on its head because… Colorado

Ahh life in Colorado, where man and nature are constantly trying to find a way to coexist. In an ideal world, the animals stay in their habitats and humans stay in theirs, but as people begin to expand their territory … Continue reading

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Hunter S. Thompson returns antlers stolen from Ernest Hemingway

You’ve heard of the pick of destiny? Well, meet the antlers of infamy. A set of antlers that Hunter S. Thompson’s stole from the Hemingway home are now on their way back to the Hemingway family. What we would give to … Continue reading

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10,000 dead scrotum frogs found near Lake Titicaca

This was one of those headlines that made our editors do a double, and then a triple take. Yes, scrotum frogs are real, and yes, they are found in Lake Titicaca, and yes that is a real place… Anybody who … Continue reading

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Forest for the Trees by Boshemia

Oh and wasn’t she a mess? The borrowed gown hung in tatters just below her bloodstained knees, the fancy pearled shoes discarded somewhere in the swamp. The bridal bed had gone unused, prepared for her, but never meant for her. … Continue reading

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Crystal Stix Factory – Dippin’ Sh*t

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Boshemia’s Bohemia – Camper to Mobile Shop

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Dahlia – Nevermore – Zombie Love

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Maully – Zombie Love

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