Who is Boshemia?

Ayngel Boshemia is a writer, artist and speaker from the high desert hills of the American Southwest. A Colorado certified domestic violence and sexual assault victim’s advocate, Ms. Boshemia is the Author of Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit. You may also recognize her from the movie Uranium Drive-In. A born artist and storyteller, Ayngel’s […]

Uranium Drive-In movie! 

You might also recognize Ayngel as that girl from that uranium movie!  Uranium Drive-In (2013) is about an isolated community who has struggled with the boom bust cycles of the uranium mining industry. More than that, this movie is about people passionate about saving their community and their battle to save a dying way of […]

Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit

~ A personal conversation from one Survivor to another. In “Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit” Ayngel and her writing alter ego Boshemia share their personal victories and defeats on the journey from Victim to Survivor to Thriver…. A self help memoir with hope and humor and an inspirational tribute to the Survivor Spirit in […]

Fictions, Fractions & Fairytales

Here there be fiction, and perhaps a bit of fact as well…  But only when absolutely necessary. For what else is fiction for than escaping the bonds of reality? And how better to do so than through ridiculous flights of fantasy? Within these pages can be found the most delightfully twisted tales the Lady Boshemia […]