Do you believe in MAGIC? 

Boshemia’s Bohemia

Water marbled accessories and hand-crafted fantasy miniatures.

Within these pages you shall find a virtual gallery of art works from the land of Bosheme.

Offering unique handcrafted polymer clay/mixed media  fairy foods, tiny furnishings, steampunk miniatures, dragons eye pendants, mushroom houses, shadow cameo pendants and whatever else tickles Boshemia’s fancy…

Fluid Fantasy FX

Boshemia’s Bohemia is hitting the road bringing fairy inspired marble magic to the farthest corners of Colorado. We will be appearing at select festivals, markets, and events throughout the season offering skin marbling and marbled accessories.

Also available for parties, raves, and music events.

Don’t forget to visit our Gift Shoppe or stop by our library for fantastic fictional journeys, WTF facts, and even some resources to help you find your hero within.

What is Water Marbling?Water marbling is the process of floating paints on water and then “catching” it on paper, wood, glass, leather, and even human skin leaving a magical marbled pattern behind…


Boshemia's bohemia presents Fluid Fantasy FX

Skin marbling for every body! 

Photo from Wikipedia, temporary placeholder…

Imagine a world where the ART is YOU!

Using a special process, skin safe paints, and a bit of fairy magic the process of water marbling is now available for use on hands and arms.

To book a marbling event for 10 people or more, please email or call (719) 582-6741

Coming Soon: Boshemia Edition Crystal Stix, juggling sticks.

Crystal Stix quality + Boshemian art = a one of a kind juggling experience

Boshemia’s Bohemia has made a special deal with the Crystal Stix factory (only available to former employees) to produce an exclusive line of sticks custom painted by Boshemia.

Stay Tuned!

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Boshemia is a writer and fantasy artist from Southwestern Colorado.

This store is for demo only, no orders shall be fulfilled until start-up funding arrives. Stay Tuned! Dismiss